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Quality Tested Natural Health Supplements

Here at Natural World we offer superior supplement combinations for you to take at any stage of your life. Our products are GMP compliant and include patented and unique ingredients to help you feel your best everyday.

Natural Products Sold Across The Globe

Products You Can Trust

Natural World® is a worldwide leading brand in the field of Nutraceuticals, natural nutritional supplements, herbs and OTC products. Natural World® Product line introduces a fine selection of products, each of which is specially formulated to enhance and maintain personal robustness of our valued customers on a daily basis.

Natural World® offers a wide range of products which fits into everyday life of individuals around the globe, no matter their stage of life. Products are designed to meet the individuals’ specific needs. Whether our valued customers are looking for healing or maintaining their well-being, Natural World® provides them with a full line of products, from bone and joint support to mood enhancement and sleep supplements, all with natural ingredients to serve their particular demands.


The founder and owner of the Natural World® brand is North American Solutions Inc. (D/B/A NASCO®) is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. NASCO® is responsible for the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of the Natural World® product line. NASCO® has a well experienced staff that provides optimal customer service while supplying high quality products across the globe. Please visit the NASCO® website @ www.nasco-nw.com.